Thursday, August 08, 2019

Fly to the Winter Sun

If you've ever got sick of the relentless cold and wished to find a little winter sun or dreamed of escaping the insistent heat of a long hot summer then you might like Routitude. Routitude is a flight search engine which can find you flights based on your weather preferences.

Enter your departing airport and your month of travel into Routitude and it will find you flight destinations based on your preferred range of temperature and precipitation. Using a slide control tool you can set the kind of temperatures that you want on your vacation and Routitude will show you all the flight destinations around the world which normally have those temperatures during your month of travel.

An interactive map will display all the locations around the world which fit your weather preferences. You can then simply click on any of these locations to check the available airlines and even click through to book a flight.

Another factor which you might want to consider when looking for a flight is the price. Luckily three researchers at MIT Senseable's Lab in Singapore have created an interactive map which shows the cheapest flight to every city in the world on any given date from your nearest airport. Using the Great Escape map you can search for any destination across the globe and find the cheapest flights for when you want to travel.

Enter a point of departure into the Great Escape and the interactive map will show you the live prices of the cheapest return flight to each and every city in the world from your nearest airport. To discover the cost of a return flight to any destination you just need to hover over its marker on the map. If you click on a city marker you can view the entire list of flights to that city. The map also includes options which allow you to filter the flights shown by weather, price, region, direct or indirect flights and whether you need a visa or not.

The flight price data shown on the map comes from the Skyscanner API and Kiwi API. If you want to try an alternative to Routitude and Great Escape you could try Google Flights, or skiplagged.

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