Monday, August 26, 2019

The First San Francisco Building Age Map

Parallel's 3D Netherlands Building Ages interactive map has proved very popular this month. In fact building age maps from around the world have been popular for the last few years on Maps Mania. However despite their ubiquity I have never seen a building age map of San Francisco.

Until now that is.

Danny Yang has created what could very well be the first San Francisco Building Age map. According to Danny the main reason that no-one has previously created a map showing the age of San Francisco's buildings is that the city releases open data in land parcel form rather than in the form of building footprints. Therefore to create his building age map Danny had to use the land parcel data to work out the age of individual buildings in the city. Danny's interactive version of the map also includes options to view land use and residential unit density in San Francisco.

Parallel's map of building ages in the Netherlands also includes building height data. The height of buildings isn't included on Danny's San Francisco Building Age map. However, if you are interested in the height of San Francisco's buildings you can refer to the SF Building Height map. On this interactive map individual buildings are colored to reflect their height. You can also hover over individual buildings on the map to view their exact height in feet.

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