Saturday, August 03, 2019

The Democratic Map of America

The New York Times has mapped out where in the United States each of the Democratic hopefuls have raised the most money. The result is a map of the United States which reveals the regional strengths of each of the Democratic candidates.

The NYT's Detailed Maps of the Donors Powering the 2020 Democratic Campaigns uses data from fund-raising records disclosed by ActBlue (an online fund-raising platform) and donations reported to the Federal Election Commission. Using this data the NYT has been able to show which Democratic candidate has received the most money in every part of the USA. Bernie Sanders is the clear winner in nearly the whole of the country. In fact to create the map pictured above the NYT had to exclude Sanders.

The NYT article also includes details on the total amount raised by each candidate and individual maps for each of the candidates showing where in the USA they have raised the most money.

The Mercury News has also created an interactive map which shows where in the United States each of the candidates has raised the most money in political donations.

Most money raised by the democratic hopefuls comes from the largest towns and cities in the USA. The Where Democratic presidential candidates are getting their money interactive map visualizes how much money each candidate raised in the top 2,100 donating cities. On the Mercury News map colored circles are used to show how much money each candidate raised in each city. The size of the circle reflects the amount of money donated to the candidate in that city. If you click on a city on the map you can view a list showing the amount donated in the city to each candidate.

Pete Buttigieg has raised the most money in some of the biggest cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C.. Joe Biden is leading the fundraising efforts in most cities in the south east of the country.

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