Tuesday, August 27, 2019

How Healthy are the Dutch?

Nearly half of the residents of the Binckhorst neighborhood in the Dutch city of The Hague still smoke cigarettes. This is twice as high as the national average. The main reason for the still high rate of smoking in the area is probably because it used to be the home of the Caballero cigarette factory. You can view the smoking rates of all Dutch neighborhoods on a new interactive health map of the Netherlands.

Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant has mapped out the results of a large health survey of 457 thousand adult Dutch residents. How Healthy is Your Neighborhood includes an interactive map which allows you to explore the results of the survey across the whole of the Netherlands. Using the map you can view the answers given by Dutch people to their levels of smoking, drinking, levels of anxiety & depression, and other questions about their health.

The map includes a filter control which allows you to highlight areas with vary high levels of health concern. Adjust this slide control and you can highlight on the map only those neighborhoods which score over a selected percentage (of your chosen health metric). You can also hover over individual neighborhoods on the map to reveal the exact estimated percentage in that area.

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