Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Where's the Sun?

Under the Sun is an animated map which shows the daily journey of the Sun as the Earth rotates around its own axis. The map shows the exact point on Earth right now where the sun is at its Zenith. The map updates in real-time. So as you watch the map the sun slowly travels westwards across the land or sea.

Under the Sun also includes information on the current time and the latitude and longitude of the current map view. That's it. Under the Sun is a very simple map but it can show some beautiful aerial views of the Earth and watching the slowly shifting landscape under the sun can be very calming.

You can see where on Earth it is currently daytime and where it is nighttime on the Night and Day on Earth interactive map. This map uses a simple map overlay to show where there is currently daylight around the globe and where the world is in darkness.

Night and Day on Earth uses the Leaflet.Terminator plug-in for Leaflet.js. If you need to show where it is currently night and day around the world then you can use the plug-in to add a night and day layer to your own Leaflet maps.

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