Sunday, August 04, 2019

Lyrics of the World

Do you know where Tony Bennett left his heart or where you can find the hottest spot south of the Copacabana? If you do then you will find this lyrical map quiz a simple two-step in the park.

Lyrical Places is an Esri Geography Treasure Hunt, a map based quiz in which you have to find the  locations mentioned in the lyrics of some famous songs. In the game you are presented with a succession of lyrics. You need to identify the locations which are being sung about. If you know the answer you just need to point to the location on the interactive map.

If you enjoy this treasure hunt there are many more to play. Just head over to Esri's Geography Treasure Hunts site and you can choose from a number of different interactive map based games. These include hunts based on World Heritage Sites, world cuisine and the world's tallest mountains.

New York is the most sung about city in the world. Closely followed by London, LA, Paris and Miami. If you need some help in completing Lyrical Places then you might get a little help from exploring Celebrity Cruises' interactive Map. 'Music Mapped' reveals the most sung about locations across the globe.

To make Music Mapped Celebrity Cruises scanned the lyrics of over 200,000 songs. These songs all appeared in the top 40 of the US Billboard Hot 100 and UK Official Singles chart since 1960. Celebrity Cruises noted every mention of a city, town, neighborhood or state which appeared in these songs. This extensive research resulted in a final data set of 2,000 songs by 896 artists with 420 different places mentioned around the world.

The size of the markers on Music Mapped reflects the number of songs which have been sung about that location. If you click on a location's marker you can discover all the songs since 1960 which have mentioned the selected place. You can even click through to listen to each of those songs on Spotify.

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