Friday, August 30, 2019

French Population Towers

Population Données Carroyées is an interactive map showing the population density of France. The map uses 3D towers to show how many people are living in each 200 x 200 meter square.

On the map the height and color of each square relates to the number of inhabitants living in that 200 x 200 meter square. If you hover over a square you can view a breakdown of the local population by age. It would be even more useful if the map also provided an option to change the color of the 3D towers to visualize the population density of different age-groups. The map could then be used not only to view the overall population density but the population density of different age-groups within individual towns and cities in France.

You can compare the population density of France with other European countries on the EU Population 2011 by 1km Grid interactive map. This map shows a finely detailed view of European population density at the 1 km square level. You can also hover over individual 1 km squares on the map to view the total number of people living in that square.

If you are interested in the population density of the world as a whole then you can use the SEDAC Population Estimator (GPWv4). This interactive map uses NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) data to show where the world's population lives. The SEDAC Population Estimator map includes a tool to draw an area on the map to see an estimate of the population that lives within your selected area.

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