Saturday, August 31, 2019

California's Rental Calculator

If you want to rent a property in California then you can use a new interactive map from the Los Angeles Times to discover the zip-code areas which have properties within your price range. Just enter your income into the Where can you afford to rent in California? and all zip-code areas in the state will be colored to show how many properties you can afford to rent in each neighborhood.

The LA Times map automatically calculates how many properties you can afford based on 30% of your annual salary being spent on rent and utilities. If you can afford to spend more than 30% of your salary then you can adjust the percentage using a slide control. The map will automatically update to show how many properties you can afford in each zip-code area.

The map uses data from the real-estate website Zillow. The current data is based on rental rates advertised in July and August of 2019, however the data is regularly updated with the latest rents on Zillow. The utility costs are based on averages estimated by the California Public Utilities Commission.

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