Tuesday, August 06, 2019


After a gunman killed 51 people in Christchurch earlier this year the New Zealand government banned most semiautomatic weapons. New Zealand also introduced a nationwide gun buyback scheme, which enables gun owners to safely hand in their guns to the authorities.

This year in the United States there have been 253 mass shootings. The U.S. government has done nothing. Actually that isn't strictly true. Earlier this year the government rejected a House-passed bill that would have ensured background checks for gun purchases.

You can learn more about the 250 mass shooting to happen in the USA this year on Vox's Mass Shooting Since Sandy Hook interactive map.

There have been 2,178 mass shootings since Sandy Hook. That's 2,178 times when the government thought that the best response to a mass shooting was to do nothing.

The Vox map uses data from the Gun Violence Archive, who collect data on gun-related violence in the US. The Gun Violence Archive reports that there has been 253 mass shootings in the USA this year. Here are some more statistics about gun violence in the USA:

8,837 people have been killed by guns this year
2,210 children have been killed by guns in 2019.

The Gun Violence Archive shows that the number of deaths from guns has gone up every year since 2014. It turns out that the result of doing nothing about gun violence is ever increasing number of people being killed by guns.

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