Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Show & Tell with Google Maps

ShowMe Maps

ShowMe Maps allows users to create their own maps/directories with Google Maps and Google Street View.

Using ShowMe Maps users can can create a Google Map with a number of locations, all of which can also be viewed using Street View. The maps can contain up to four categories of map marker which can be accessed by drop-down menus.

Maps created by users all have a unique URL, as well as titles and a description field for each location. Maps can also be added to which allows others to find and view the maps.

To create a Street View ShowMe map you just need to use locations where Google has generated Street Views. Once you have created a map there are options provided to include a link from your existing website or you are free to create custom links to your map.

Samples of existing ShowMe maps include the Town of Bridgewater, the Town of Lunenburg and Universities of Canada.

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