Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mapping the Blitz

Historypin - The Blitz Collection

Seventy Years ago tonight Germany began the Blitz, a sustained bombing campaign against Britain. By the end of May 1941 more than a million homes were destroyed or damaged in London alone and over 43,000 civilians were killed.

Historypin, the historical photo mapping platform, has today launched a themed collection of photographs taken during the German bombing campaign. Historypin superimposes historical photographs upon the corresponding view, as seen today, in Street View.

Its impossible not to be moved by these historical photographs. Viewing the Blitz photos alongside the current view brings an added poignancy to this visual record of the destruction caused by the Blitz.

This themed collection from Historypin is the first of a new series of collections and the site hopes to release more topical themes in the future.


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