Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chat with Google Maps on Your Phone

Yaptime is a new Google Maps based group texting service that lets you send and read messages from people within 100 feet of your location. The application is aimed at mobile phones, with iPhone and Android applications coming soon. For now you can access Yaptime from your phone's browser by visiting

Once you access Yaptime from your phone you need to share your location and enter a user name. You can then choose to set up a chat room at your location or view current messages being posted around the world.

If you choose to set up a new chat room you can then start posting messages from your location. Yaptime see the application being used by people at events, such as football games and in venues, such as bars and cafes.

The application allows users to start chatting anonymously with people in their immediate vicinity. I can certainly see this being popular especially if there is some effort to publicise a Yaptime chat at a particular event or venue. For example, conference organisers could encourage attendees to log-in and chat about the speakers / event using Yaptime.

Hat-tip: Street View Funny


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