Thursday, September 16, 2010

Video, Weather & Google Maps!

Lissie 'Cuckoo' - Interactive Music Video

You have to love all the amazing Google Maps based music videos that are appearing at the moment. A couple of week's ago the world was amazed by the Google Maps and HTML5 experiment from The Wilderness Downtown. Now American singer/songwriter Lissie has released this amazing Google Maps, music video and weather forecast all rolled into one.

Essentially the application uses a spilt screen to display the video of Lissie's new track 'Cuckoo' at the top of your browser window and a Google Map at the bottom. The Google Map uses a live weather feed to display the latest weather around the world.

However that's not all it does. If you click on any of the weather symbols on the map the music video switches to a video of a Spanish language weather presenter reading the weather for your selected location. Have a look at the screen cast above - but make sure you visit the site to actually listen to Lissie's song - it's pretty good!


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