Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The 21st Century Bat- Signal Google Map


Twittelp argues that if Superman really existed then he would use Twittelp to find real-time updates about people asking for help. Personally I think the site would appeal more to Batman as a 21st Century replacement for the Bat-Signal.

Twittelp is a Twitter and Google Maps mashup that provides Twitter users a quick way to ask for help from their followers or the wider twittersphere. Using the map people can discover who needs help at a specific location. They can then help or retweet the request to increase its visibility.

Twittelp is currently available as a an iPhone/iPod application and will soon be available on Android phones as well.

The descriptions on Twittelp suggest that the application is being aimed at people who need help in an emergency situation. I can't help feeling that this could be a mistake. In emergency situations people are more likely to (and should) call the emergency services instead of using Twittelp.

However I'm sure Twittelp could find market share as a platform for more general requests. It could be a great platform for asking for general help. For example, for asking for help in moving house, completing a task, designing a website etc.


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