Thursday, September 02, 2010

Over the Rainbow with Google Maps

OMG Rainbows!

♪♫ Google Map's the only thing / To take you over the rainbow to the land where cartography is King. ♪♫

I love discovering new uses for Google Maps and I'm pretty sure that this is the very first rainbow predictor to feature on Google Maps Mania.

The map uses the regularly updated National Weather Service radar mosaic to find where rain is falling and combines that with current solar elevation and azimuth to show areas that have a high potential for rainbows. The areas that have a potential for rainbows are shown in red on the map.

You can quickly zoom into an area marked in red or you can use the search engine to look for rainbows near your current location. And who doesn't want to search for rainbows?


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Ant said...

"What does it mean?"