Monday, September 06, 2010

London Tube Strike Mapped

London Tube Strike Map

Workers on the London Underground system are currently on a 24 hour strike, causing disruption to the journeys of London's commuters. The BBC are using the Ushahidi incident reporting system to provide a Google Map of the disruption caused by the strike.

Londoners can use the map to report which stations and tube lines are currently experiencing delays. It is possible to report a disruption by sending an email to, by sending a tweet with the hashtag '#TubeStrike' or by completing a short form.

As with all crowd-sourced systems this map is reliant on user input and, to be honest, at the moment the map looks a little empty. It probably isn't the best source to find out if your journey is likely to be disrupted by the strike. It is nice however to see Ushahidi being used by the BBC.


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Anonymous said...

How many commuters actually decided to hit the Thames to avoid the overcrowded roads and (in one or two places) the pavements?