Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Interactive Trips with Google Maps


Gowaza let's you plan a trip, helping you to find flights and hotels and also helping you to create an itinerary of restaurants, events and other places to visit.

Once you have entered your destination and time of travel Gowaza presents you with a choice of hotels, restaurants and events. Gowaza uses Google Maps to display the locations of all the options in each category. As you browse the listings you can click on the 'add to folder' button to add a location to your itinerary and to the map.

Gowaza provides seamless integration between your personalised itinerary and the Google Map. If you click on a location in your itinerary the map will centre on that location. You can also use a local search option to find other destinations, such as 'banks, 'bakeries' etc.


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