Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Onion on Google Maps

The Onion - Atlas Of The Planet Earth

Forget Wikimapia! If you really want to find out about the World you need to browse The Onion's Atlas of The Planet Earth. This Google Map's based guide to the countries of the World includes hundreds of little known facts.

The map includes some very interesting country profiles. For example, did you know that Canada will live in the shadow of the USA until it stops refusing to drill for oil in wildlife preserves and begins to unilaterally invade Middle Eastern States.

As well as country profiles the map contains many other interesting factoids about the countries of the world. In India, for example, The Onion reports that Gandhi, discouraged by the failure of his many hunger strikes, vowed to eat non-stop until India was granted Independence.

The Onion's Atlas Of The Planet Earth is full of scintillating facts such as this. If you find that there is far too much information to peruse via your browser you can even buy the Atlas in book form.


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