Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Google Maps for California

Apps for Californians

The state of California has partnered with Microsoft, Google and Programmable Web to run an apps contest. The state wants you to develop apps that will enhance the state government's transparency and services.

Back in July Google Maps Mania looked at some of the early entries that were using Google Maps. A number of other Google Maps mashups have since been entered.

Explore California

Explore California uses Google Maps to help present demographic data for Californian counties.

If you click on any of the counties on the map you can view population, income, unemployment and other data trends for the county. The application shows the trends for the chosen datasets in graph form over a number of years.

It is possible to select any combination of data sets by clicking the check boxes under the graph. Selecting a combination of data sets allows the user to compare and contrast the patterns of growth and decline in various categories and the relationships between them.

Social Map of California Schools and Universities

This application shows online social activity around universities and colleges in California. The application uses Google Maps to show the locations of schools and universities and shows the number of check-ins around each campus.

This application shows San Francisco zoning ordinance information on Google Maps.

If you use the application to search for a San Francisco address you can view an interactive zoning map that provides information about the zoning code.

Just click on a shaded area on the map to get the zoning details for that block.

To view all the applications submitted to the competition visit Apps for Californians or Programmable Web


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