Wednesday, September 01, 2010

UK Geology on Google Maps

The British Geological Survey have a number of examples of Google Maps created with OpenGeoscience. OpenGeoscience is data that the society has made available free-of-charge for non-commercial private study, research and educational activities.

Google Maps with WMS

This Google Map is an example of how to use a simple overlay of the society's geological Web Map Service. The map uses 1:625 000 scale data.

ArcGIS Server Extension for Google Maps

This Google Map is a demonstration of how geology map services can be used in web applications developed using the ArcGIS Server JavaScript extension for the Google Maps API. The map essentially presents the same data as the first example but includes a slider control so that you can adjust the transparency of the overlay.

Bracknell District Caving Club
This Google Map combines BGS geology with cave information in the Mendips area. It is possible to view the location of caves on the map and select from a number of BGS overlays to show the make-up of the bedrock and deposits.


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