Monday, September 06, 2010

Google Maps Mania Map of the Week

If you live in Philadelphia you should definitely let CommonSpace try to find you a great night out for you and your friends. CommonSpace lets you add multiple starting points to a Google Map and then finds things to do in areas that are convenient to you and your friends.

To start planning your night out just enter your name, a Philadelphia address, the length of time you are prepared to travel for and your mode of transport. CommonSpace will then show you the area within which you can travel in that time.

A slide control at the bottom of the map allows you to adjust your travelling time and expands or contracts the shaded area on the map accordingly. If you are planning to meet up with friends you can now add their names and addresses to the map. As you add your friends to the map their travel areas are also shaded on the map. Most importantly the area that can be reached by you and your friends is highlighted to show where you can all meet.

Now that you have determined where you are all going to meet you need to find a venue. In the map sidebar you can choose to search for events and venues from Yelp!, SBN, Philly Live Arts, Uwishunu and the Phillyfun Guide. You can choose from a large number of different categories including bars, restaurants, arts and theatres etc. You can also choose the date and time of events.

When you have selected a date, time and the kind of events / venues that you are interested in the results for your selected area of search are displayed on the map.

You can now browse the selections chosen for you by CommonSpace. When you find an event or venue you wish to visit you can add it to your 'Plan'. You can add as many events as you like to you Plan and when you have finished you can get directions and a link to share your itinerary with all your friends.


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