Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Story Map of the Christchurch Earthquake

Earthquake Map

"I didn't know what was happening! I thought it was a bad dream or that a giant was under our house shaking it wildly!

It was hard to get to the doorframe. We stumbled from side to side, it was almost like slow motion running because our floor was moving all over the place! First the house moved crazily from side to side then it started rolling like a bowling ball rolling down a bowling aisle.
Harriet Compton-Moen, 7 years old

New Zealand news website stuff.co.nz has created an incredibly moving Google Map to record and map readers' stories about the recent earthquake in Christchurch. Currently the map shows over 400 stories.

To read one of the reader submitted stories just click on the categorised markers on the map. These first hand accounts really help to convey the affect that the Christchurch earthquake has had on the city and its people.

Via: Living Geography

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