Thursday, September 02, 2010

Spanish Google Maps Mashups Round-up is a free telecommunications network in Spain. The network is composed of peer-to-peer connections. have used Google Maps to show the extent of the network.The map shows all the nodes on the network and the connections between the nodes.


Yata! is a mobile based social network for sharing upcoming sporting events, shops with promotions, upcoming concerts or anything else you want to share. The application, for Vodafone, uses Google Maps to show the user submitted places around your current location.

A system of positive and negative votes is used to crowdsource the best user submitted locations. The home page of Yata! even includes a Google Map so you can explore the social network from your desktop.

Mapa Furgoperfecto

Furgovw is a website catering to the needs of Volkswagen camper van owners looking for places that they can park overnight. The site is a collection of user submitted suggestions for great spots where you can pull up and sleep when your are out touring in your van.

The site uses Google Maps to show the locations of parking locations. The map is not restricted to Spain and covers most of Europe and even parts of north Africa.

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