Friday, September 03, 2010

Google Maps Go Pop

Europopped: On the Map

Not since Soren Johannessen's Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Map has so much terrible music been assembled in one place. Google Map guru Pamela Fox has created this music map to showcase the wonderful awfulness of Europop.

The map includes a large number of embedded videos of Europop songs garnered from the Europopped blog. If you click on a map marker an information window opens in which you can watch some terrible Europop videos from that country. You can also click through to read the related blog post about the song on the Europopped blog.

All joking aside, there are a couple of really interesting things going on under the hood in this map. First off, the numbered map markers (representing the number of videos mapped at that location) are created using the Google Chart API.

Secondly, instead of using the default Google Maps API information windows Pamela has used a centerbox javascript class. This custom information window opens centred in the browser window and optimises the space to display the embedded videos.


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