Monday, September 27, 2010

Every Transit Station in Britain Mapped

The Guardian - National Transport Map

The Guardian newspaper has used Google Fusion Tables to map every bus stop, train station, ferry port and taxi rank in Britain. The map uses newly released data from the UK's National Public Transport Data Repository.

The map itself is very basic but it does let you find all the public transport stops for any location in the UK. The map is also a great demonstration of how a Google Map using Fusion Tables can handle a huge amount of data. The map plots more than 400,000 locations without any marker clustering and copes reasonably well.

The Guardian have also completed some analysis of the data, comparing it to population data to work out the number of bus-stops per 100,000 people in different locations in the UK. The Guardian's analysis reveals that London has relatively few bus-stops (for the population size) and that the Western Isles in Scotland and Gwynedd in Wales are very well served.


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