Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where in the World with Google Maps

Find the Landmark

This is fun. Try to see how quickly you can find specific landmarks in this Google Maps mash-up called Find the Landmark. The game tests both your geography and history skills as well as how quickly you can utilize the Google Maps, pan, zoom and centering functions! :)

At the start of the game you are given a landmark which you need to find somewhere in the world. To make a guess you just need to click on the map. If you are incorrect you are told by how many kilometres your guess is wrong. Then for each further guess you are told if you are getting hotter and colder.

Don't take too long making your guesses though as you are playing against the clock. Find the landmark in the shortest time and you will be immortalised in the Find the Landmark high-score table!



Warren said...

hmmm it asks for the Earth's Arm pit? at least it not jolly old England. I dont think the French will like the answer!

geoff said...

A lot of the landmarks are user-generated, so I suppose someone had a "sense of humor" on that one.

Outerworlds said...

Funny and educational game. It just misses street view.