Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 Fun Ways to Decorate your House on Street View

1. Cheetos - Project TP

With Halloween on the horizon I suspect you have already started planning whose house you are going to toilet-paper this year. You can now use Cheetos - Project TP to carry out a practice run on Google Maps Street View.

Just enter an address into the application and you can then fly over the house in the Cheetos helicopter and bombard the house with toilet paper. You then get to view the result of your toilet paper bombing on Street View and even get a link to share the results of your prank with all your friends.

Hat-tip: Google Street View World

2. Trippy

If you are bored with how your house looks on Street View then why not take a look at it through the looking glass? Trippy uses the streetview-stereographic library to create a very hallucinogenic look to Google Maps Street View.

If you like this effect there are few more examples of streetview-stereographic in action on the library's Github page.

3. Graffit Map

Graffit Map is a fun Street View application that allows you to add graffiti to Google's panoramic imagery.

The app allows you to select any location where Street View is available and draw directly on top of the Street View image. Users can select the brush size and color of their spray can and then start adding their tags to the world.

When you are happy with your graffiti you can export an image of your creation. The export consists of a jpeg, which you can then share a link to on Twitter or Facebook, or download for your own use.

4. Here Comes the Sun

If your house looks a little dull on Street View you can use Here Comes the Sun to add a little sun to the view.

Ian Butterworth noticed that the Street View imagery in London on Google Maps looks a little dull and lifeless. He therefore devised Here Comes the Sun so that Londoners can browse their streets on Street View and see what it would look like if the sun ever shone on their grey city.

The application does a little processing of Street View in the browser to adjust the brightness of the imagery. Unfortunately because of the differences in modern browsers you will probably need to use Google Chrome to view Here Comes the Sun.

On the plus side Here Comes the Sun isn't actually restricted to London and you can use the application to brighten up the Street View imagery anywhere in the world.

5. Doodle Street View

Doodle Street View lets you take a virtual tour of the Boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montréal.

The application presents you with a side-on view of one side of the Boulevard using Google Maps Street View. However these are Street View images which have been drawn on by other users of Doodle Street View.

You can scroll left and right to move down the street. At any point in your virtual stroll down the Boulevard you can actually draw on the Street View image yourself and leave your own virtual mark on the Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

If these applications seem a little too creative for your tastes then why not check out 5 Fun Ways to Destroy Your House on Street View.

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