Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Real-Time Map Sharing

GoInstant is an application for building real-time, multi-user applications, that allow one or more users to collaborate and work on the application on different computers at the same time.

To showcase the product GoInstant has built a clever collaborative Google Map that allows you to share and browse Google Maps with one or more friends. Open an instance of the GoInstant Maps Demo and you can share a link to the map with your friends and then browse the map together.

Zoom in on the GoInstant Map in your browser and the map on your friends' browsers will zoom as well to show the exact same view. You can even drop pegman onto the map and browse Street View in real-time with your friends.

If you like the GoInstant Map and can see a use for it in your own site you can view the code behind the project on GitHub.

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