Thursday, October 10, 2013

Google Maps Adds Multiple Directions But Still Sucks

Google Maps has addressed one of the main complaints about the terribly designed new Google Maps. It is now rolling out the option to add extra stops to driving directions.

Now when you ask Google Maps for directions you will see a '+' option that allows you to add stops to your route. I'd love to now remove directions from my 5 Reasons the New Google Maps Sucks list but even though multiple directions has now been addressed the whole directions interface is still a complete mess.

Click through on the 'list all steps' option and you get a step-by-step (or turn-by-turn) guide to your journey. However if you scroll down through the steps the map disappears off the screen. Clicking on a step in the directions guide does highlight the correct location on the map - but you can't actually see that because the map is off the screen.

Upcoming Events

On a more positive note the new Google Maps now has a nice new feature that allows you to click on a music, sport or theater venue on the map and view upcoming events at that location. When you now search for a venue on Google Maps you should see an Upcoming Events link that will allow you to view all upcoming events at the venue.

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