Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Monopoly Street View Game

Over the weekend I thought it would be interesting to create a Street View gallery of all the locations used in the Monopoly game. Unfortunately the locations in Atlantic City that inspired the original game have poor quality or no Street View imagery on Google Maps.

If you want to have look at the Atlantic City locations Scouting New York has some interesting photographs in their article on What The Monopoly Properties Look Like In Real Life. After my initial disappointment at the poor quality Street View in Atlantic City I decided to switch my attention to the London version of the board game.

Creating a gallery of Street Views of the London version of Monopoly was easy enough but the result was a little boring. To spice the gallery up a little I therefore decided to charge rent for each Street View viewed. Each time you land on a Street View in my Street View Game you are deducted a rent based on the property value.

Just charging players rent is a little unfair so I have also added a few community cards that give players the opportunity to win some money as well.

Have a little play of my Street View game but do remember to come back to Google Maps Mania and pay what you end up owing me by using the tip jar on the right.

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