Saturday, October 26, 2013

War Games on Google Maps

Given the potential of a game world that encompasses the whole globe I am surprised that no-one has yet managed to create a truly addictive military conquest or RISK type game with the Google Maps API.

In fact the best military themed games developed with the Google Maps API have been more shoot-em-up than strategy based games. The best two examples of shooting games are probably MapsTD, a Google Maps tower defense game and GeoGuns, a tank shooting game.

There is therefore a huge market for the first developers to create a truly compelling strategic game using Google Maps. It is little too early to say whether War2Map is going to be that game. War2Map is currently in an early BETA release and is looking for players to sign-up and start testing this new strategic war game.

The game revolves around expanding your home territory by deploying troops, building infrastructure, collecting taxes and trading with and fighting against other players around the world. If you sign-up as an early BETA release tester you can start building up your home base and interacting with other players. Every day you get extra bonus items and extra coins and additional powerups and experience points can be won by fighting against other players.

The team behind War2Map are also looking at developing AI troops for players to battle against and mission tasks to help players progress in the game and earn experience points.

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