Friday, October 18, 2013

Mapping Modern Global Slavery

The Global Slavery Index has released a map displaying the number of people living in modern slavery in countries around the world. The 2013 Global Slavery Index ranks 162 countries based on three factors: the estimated prevalence of modern slavery by population, the prevalence of child marriage, and the prevalence of human trafficking.

The Global Slavery Index Map provides a global heat map showing in which countries in the world slavery still remains a huge problem. Users can click on individual countries on the map to view the estimated number of enslaved people. It is also possible to click-through and view a more detailed breakdown of the problems of slavery in each country, including where the country ranks in the index, the total population and the country's GDP.

It is also possible to select regions of the globe from a drop-down menu on the map and view a report on the prevalence of slavery in the selected region.

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