Monday, October 07, 2013

The Age of Chicago's Buildings Mapped

The Wired MapLab has been so impressed by the recent trend in mapped visualizations of building ages that it decided to make its own. In Adventures in Mapmaking MapLab not only provides us with a nice new map showing the age of Chicago's buildings but it also includes a great tutorial about how the map was created.

The map is a great first map but does have one or two problems. The map really needs a legend or the ability to click on individual buildings to view the actual age of buildings (the reason for the missing legend is explained in the MapLab post). However you can get some sense of the age of the buildings from the colors used. The lighter the color of the buildings on the map then the older the building.

If you like this map then check out Mapping the Age of Buildings for similar maps of New York, Portland, Reykjavík, the whole of the Netherlands and Ljubljana.

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