Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Google Maps of the Week

The Swiss Crash Map is a Google Map of all 108,640 Swiss road accidents in 2011 and 2012. The map not only helps users identify accident blackspots by location it also includes filters to explore the data by time of day, by day of the week, by severity and by the type of vehicles involved.

If you zoom in on the map you can click on individual accidents on the map to view details of the accident. An information panel also gives an overview of the total number of casualties in the current map view and a pie chart provides an overview on the percentages of male and female drivers involved in the traffic accidents. As you pan and zoom the map the panel and pie chart automatically updates the data to show the casualty total for the current view.

With Halloween on the horizon I suspect you have already started planning whose house you are going to toilet-paper this year. You can now use Cheetos - Project TP to carry out a practice run on Google Maps Street View.

Just enter an address into the application and you can then fly over the house in the Cheetos' helicopter and bombard the house with toilet paper. You then get to view the result of your toilet paper bombing on Street View and even get a link to share the results of your prank with all your friends.

This week I was also impressed with another Street View based application. This random story generator creates a new story every time the application is run.

EMMA picks random Street View images from Google Maps, applies effect to the images, selects a random text sample from the database and combines the Street View and text to create a random narrative.

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