Friday, October 04, 2013

The Precipitation Principle of Music

I have a theory that the makers of the Manchester Music Map set out to map the world's best rock bands. Then, after completing Manchester, realized that the job was done.

After all it is an inarguable fact that the three best rock bands of all time, The Buzzcocks, The Stone Roses and The Smiths all started their careers in the damp city of Manchester. After mapping those three bands there really was no need to continue.

I have another theory.

The reason that all of the world's greatest bands have emanated from Manchester is because of the rain. More rain falls on Manchester on an average week-day afternoon than falls annually in the rest of the world [citation needed]. It can't be a coincidence that the only other cities to consistently produce great rock bands, London and Seattle, also receive more than their fair share of rain

All of which is a rather long winded way of saying - if you like great rock music then you will love the Manchester Music Map.

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