Friday, October 18, 2013

Some Friday Tube Map Fun

It seems that every time a designer gets asked to create an infographic their first thought is 'Can I make this into a London Tube Map?' To tell you the truth I'm now getting a little bit sick of infographics inspired by the London Tube map. However this week I did see three London Tube maps that made me smile.

First off is this meta-tube map or tube map of tube maps. End of the Line is a London Underground map where every tube station has been turned into a link to another map or infographic that has been inspired by Harry Beck's famous map.

BTW - click on the station names and not on the station circles to find the linked maps. Via: Mostly Maps

The only thing more popular than London Tube maps on the internet is cute pictures of cats. Animals on the Underground has therefore made the inspired decision to combine the two. The site has searched Harry Beck's map and found that it contains lots of hidden animals, including the Wapping Whale (above).

Where there are cats then there are probably penises as well (sorry that sentence is just wrong in so many ways). UsvsTh3m have been inspired by Animals on the Underground to find the hidden penises on the London Underground map. So far they have found four hidden penises and a couple of rude messsages.

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