Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Google Maps Helps You Find the Way Home

Last year the story of how Saroo Brierley found his way home after 25 years received worldwide attention. At the age of four Saroo was separated from his brother on a train in India and ended up lost and alone in Kolkata.

Saroo was eventually adopted and moved to Tasmania, Australia. 25 years later Saroo still had memories of his mother and of his home town and in particular the train station where he begged as a child with his brother. He therefore took to Google Maps and began searching along the railway lines leading out of Kolkata until he eventually recognized the station in his home town on Google's satellite view.

Google has now released the above video of how Saroo was eventually reunited with his mother after 25 years. It is a truly heartwarming tale and easily Google's most effective marketing video to date.

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