Tuesday, October 01, 2013

How GitHub Conquered the World

GitHub has quickly become the most popular code repository site (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the whole world. If you want to see how GitHub has conquered the world then check out these mapped visualizations of GitHub users around the globe.

GitHub Users Worldwide is a WebGL globe that visualizes the number of GitHub uses at different locations across the world. Check out the huge orange line on the globe emanating from San Francisco. That line tells a story on its own.

If you are wondering about some of the strange results shown on the map (for example - why are there so many users in the small Australian town of Alice Springs?) this is a result of many GitHub users only specifying a country as their location.

The WebGL globe is cool but what we really want is a 'War Games' inspired visualization of real-time GitHub updates. Luckily Real-Time GitHub has taken its cue from the famous 80's cold war movie and created a dashboard to visualize updates to GitHub around the world in real-time.

OK, I hear you. Impressive 3d globes and 80's inspired dashboards are all very well but what about a traditional 2d mapped visualization of GitHub users. Don't worry GitHub Users Worldwide has got you covered.

This D3.js map uses the Times map projection so that you can view the whole world and the whole of GitHub's users in one single map view.

And on that bombshell ....

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