Monday, October 21, 2013

Where You Can Get High in the Netherlands

The laws about smoking cannabis in the Netherlands can be quite hard to understand. Cannabis is actually illegal in the country however possession of less than 5 grams of cannabis is decriminalized. A recent smoking ban also means it is illegal to smoke in public places.

Coffeeshops however were able to negotiate an exemption to the smoking ban so, as the situation stands, you can't smoke a cigarette in a cafe but you can smoke a joint in a coffeeshop. At least you can if you are Dutch. If you aren't Dutch things aren't that simple.

As the law stands local governments, if they want, can set local laws stating that only locals can smoke in coffeeshops and that foreigners are banned.

Confused? OK - what you need is a simple map.

The Dutch Coffeeshop Tourist Tolerance Map shows you in which towns tourists are allowed to smoke in coffeeshops and where you will need to become a resident of the town and apply for a 'Weed Pass' before you can get high.

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