Thursday, October 17, 2013

UK Census Data Mapped

The UK Data Explorer is a perennial favorite on Google Maps Mania. In the past we have featured the Data Explorer's maps of UK government data. These have included maps visualising Deprivation in London, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation and Renewable Electricity Sites.

The UK Data Explorer has now released a new set of interactive maps that visualise the 2011 UK census. There is a map for each region in England and an overall map of England. These maps allow the user to explore a large range of demographic and socio-economic data sets by census tract for the whole of the UK.

This UK's Office for National Statistics has also released a number of maps exploring the UK 2011 Census. These include a nice Google Map comparing data from the 2011 census with the 2001 census.

The Census Map allows users to view population and age data from the 2011 census and compare the results with the data from the 2001 census. The visualisation uses two Google Maps placed side-by-side. Different variables from the census data can be selected from a drop-down menu.

If the user selects a census tract on either map they can then view a breakdown of the census results in a drop-down table, comparing the 2011 and 2001 census returns.

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