Monday, October 28, 2013

A Street View Tour of the Thames

Google today added Street View imagery captured from a boat sailing down the River Thames in central London. The new Street View imagery allows you view many of the famous landmarks that sit on the banks of the famous river, including Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower of London and the Tate Modern art gallery.

The new imagery runs from the Thames Barrier in east London to Kew Gardens in the west. Clicking through all this new Street View imagery would probably result in some serious repetitive strain injuries so I have created a scrollable tour of some of the best views in the Street View.

Thames Scroll provides a guided tour of some of my favorite sites along the river. If you get bored of the guided tour at any point and want to wander off on your own just click on the Google logo in the Street View to open Google Maps and you can explore the new imagery at your own pace.

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