Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Federal Paycheck Map

One of the effects of the Federal Government Shutdown is that 800,000 federal workers have been indefinitely furloughed without pay. The Washington Post has created a Google Map to show how the government shutdown effects federal workers across the United States.

The Federal Government Shutdown Map shows the top 100 metro areas with government and military areas as a percentage of the total workforce. The map markers are sized in proportion to the size of the number of federal workers (as a percentage of total employment).

If you select any of the markers on the map you can view the total number of federal workers, the total number of the workforce and the percentage of federal employees in the selected metro area.

If you are a non-essential federal worker living in the Washington DC area you might want to check out this map that shows the locations of businesses offering special deals for furloughed federal workers.

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