Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Social Hiking on Google Maps

Social Hiking is a clever application that creates a map of your walk, auto-magically adds your social media, and provides a number of ways for you to share your map with your friends.

Social Hiking either lets you create a map of your hike in real-time or create the map from your GPS trail when you get home. The application also collects information from your other social sites to include on your map, for example from Twitter , Twitpic, Audioboo, Flickr, Qik and ipadio. What's more this added media doesn't even need to be geo-tagged. Social Hiking adds it to your map using just the time-stamps.

Social Hiking works with a number of location gathering GPS devices and location sharing apps, such as ViewRanger, SPOT Satellitte Messenger, YellowBrick, GPX uploads and geo-tagged social media (currently Twitter and FourSquare).

Your hike is displayed as a polyline on a Google Map, with an elevation chart and all your social media marked on the map. You get a permanent URL for your map, which you can share with your friends, and you can grab the embed code to post the map on your own blog or website.

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