Monday, July 14, 2014

Citizen Scientist to the Rescue

Night Cities ISS is a citizen science project by the Universidad Coplutense de Madrid, which is using the power of the crowd to help identify locations in satellite images taken from the International Space Station.

The project's aim is to identify light sources in night time views of the Earth. Night Cities ISS presents you with an image taken from the International Space Station alongside a Google Map of the same location. Your job is to identify locations in the satellite image by clicking on the location in the image and on the map.

To align the image with the map view you can pan and zoom both the image and the map. You can also rotate the satellite image by pressing shift and left-clicking on the image.

The Catalina Sky Survey is scanning the solar system for asteroids. Asteroid Hunt is a citizen science project that is trying to identify the locations of asteroids by using images taken by the survey.

Asteroid Hunt presents you with four animated telescope views of a section of the night sky. Your job is to identify the location of moving asteroids in the four still images. To identify an asteroid you simply need to click on the location of the asteroid in each of the sequence of images.

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