Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Future Weather Map

I estimate that I have reviewed over a 100 weather forecasting maps on Google Maps Mania over the last few years. This is definitely the first weather map I've reviewed which attempts to forecast the weather 86 years from now.

Climate Central has created an interesting interactive map which can show you what the summer temperatures will be like, where you live, in the year 2100. Future Summers allows you to enter a city or town name and then reveals what the temperature should be like in 2100. The map also shows you a town or city which currently has similar summer temperatures. For example, summer in Chicago in the year 2100 will be similar to the current summer temperatures in Texas.

The 2100 temperatures are based on current climate change predictions. Climate Central say that on average summer temperatures are projected to raise by 7-10°F.

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