Thursday, July 03, 2014

Mapping Car Sharing Routes in Milan

Density Design have created a number of visualizations of one week's worth of data from the car sharing service Enjoy in Milan. The visualizations in Seven Days of Car Sharing include some interesting mapped views of the data.

One of the most interesting maps is an animated Voronoi map. This map shows areas surrounding individual cars which contain all the points on the map closer to that car than to any other. The Voronoi map updates for every couple of minutes throughout the week's worth of data. A clear pattern emerges during the animation as the cars move from the center of the city during the day to the periphery of the city at night.

This pattern also emerges in a video of an animated map of the cars' tracks. This map shows users traveling in the center of the city during the day and then after the end of the working day more journeys out to the suburbs surrounding the city center.

Via: Visual Loop

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