Saturday, July 05, 2014

The 2014 Tour de France Live Tracking

This year the greatest cycle race in the world, the Tour de France, has three stages in the UK. If you want to watch the race in person then you should check out the route of the three UK stages on the official website of Yorkshire tourism.

The Yorkshire tourism website has created route maps for the first three stages of the race: Stage 1: Leeds to Harrogate, Stage 2: York to Sheffield and Stage 3: Cambridge to London. Each of the three maps shows the route which the cyclists will take and an elevation chart of the mapped stage.

Each map also includes places of interest to visit along and around the route of the race. You can therefore use the maps to not only find a great location to watch the Tour de France but to also find interesting places to visit nearby.

The home page of the website also includes a map showing the live position of the pack.

View Le Tour

The Official Tour de France website includes a live interactive Google Map of the race. You can use the map to view the route, start, finish and checkpoints of the current stage.

Unfortunately the map doesn't allow you to view the live position of individual riders but it does track live the caravan and the current leaders. If you want to view the live position of individual riders it looks like you will have to download the official app, which promises 'live GPS tracking of riders'.

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