Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stalking the Super Rich

MansionMap is a great map to help you stalk the super rich. Using the map you can zoom into your nearest rich neighborhood and find out who owns all the most expensive houses.

However most times that you go a stalking you have a particular individual fixed in your mind. If that's the case don't worry because MansionMap allows you to search for people's homes by name.

Want to stalk Hugh Heffner? MansionMap has got you sorted.

Just enter his name into the search box and you can find out the exact address of the Playboy Mansion. You can then peer into the grounds to your heart's content using Google Maps satellite view.

And there's more. Using MansionMap you can click on the Playboy Mansion to get details about the property and an estimate of its cost. You can even click on all the neighboring houses, just to make sure that there isn't someone better to stalk near-by.

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