Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Oslo to Bergen Trekking Map

Today Bjørn Sandvik set out on an epic trek from Oslo to Bergen in Norway. You can follow Bjørn's progress live on an impressive Leaflet map. Oslo-Bergen Til Fots (Oslo-Bergen on Foot) shows Bjørn's live position, photos he has taken on his trek and an elevation profile.

The map on its own is pretty amazing. What is truly awesome, however, is that Bjørn's blog Thematic Mapping has been recording the creation of this map over the last few months. Read the blog and you can find out how the map was built and even grab some of the code behind the map.

For example, Showing Instagram Photos and Videos on a Leaflet Map discusses the Leaflet plug-in (and gives the GitHub link for the plug-in) he created to add Instagram photos to the map. Other posts on the blog explain how to use a SPOT Satellite Messenger to track and map your trips and how to create an elevation profile.

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