Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Humanitarian Drone Mapping

It's hard to get away from drone mapping at the moment. Last week on Google Maps Mania we featured four different drone related mapping projects:

Drone Adventures - a non-profit organization designed to promote the potential of drones in conservation and humanitarian work
MapKnitter - a free and open source tool for aligning and creating maps from drone and other overhead captured images
Dronestagram - an Instagram type website for sharing aerial photos captured by drones
TravelByDrone - a map of video footage taken by drones around the world

The Humanitarian UAV Network is another map collecting drone shot video footage from around the world. The aim of the Humanitarian UAV Network is to provide a platform for the sharing and collaboration of humanitarian uses of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Part of this platform is a global map of UAV captured video, taken at disaster sites around the world. The map includes aerial shot videos taken at the sites of landslides, floods, building collapses, typhoons and other natural and man made disasters.

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